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Monthly Archives: March 2017

Kitap toplama kampanyası

Oyder olarak kitap toplama kampanyası başlattık. Köy okulları başta olmak üzere toplanan kitapları dağıtımını yaptık.Oldukça yoğun ilgi gören kampanyamızı yeniden başlatarak daha büyük kitlelere ulaşmayı gedefliyoruz




OID E10030214
Legal name of the organisation Okul Yöneticileri Dayanışma Derneği
Legal name of the organisation in Latin characters (if applicable) Okul Yoneticileri Dayanisma Dernegi
Acronym/Organisation’s short name OYDER
National ID (if applicable) 03-015-198(3-331861)
Department (if applicable)  
Address Dumlupınar mahallesi Menderes Caddesi Gün Apartmanı No:9/4
Country TURKEY
Region EGE
P.O. Box  
Post code 03100
City Afyonkarahisar
Telephone 1 +905055476066
Telephone 2 +905465016660




Type of organization Non-governmental organization / association / social enterprise
Is the partner organization a public body? no
Is the partner organization a non-profit? yes
Is your organisation: a public body at regional/national level; an association of regions; a European Grouping of Territorial cooperation; or a profit-making body active in Corporate Social Responsibility? Our organization is a non-profit national, regional and international development Association.



Has the organization received any type of accreditation before submitting this application?
Accreditation type Accreditation reference
Not yet


Background and experience

Please briefly present the partner organisation.

Our Association, whose short name is OYDER, is headquartered in Afyonkarahisar. It is a non-governmental organization and aiming at development, solidarity and innovation in all social, professional and economic fields, especially in the field of education and training. Other aims of our NGO are: to raise awareness on European and universal values as the basis for a better life in the education zone; Explore the tools and innovative philosophies used in the context of non-formal education; To work towards achieving the goals of the 21st century. The members of our association are usually composed of administrators, teachers and other personnel who work in educational institutions, and there are also intensive participation by young people who will become educators of Universty. The overall goal of our association is: Education; Young people; Disadvantages and the community in all areas (professional, social, cultural, legal etc.) and to ensure their stakeholders’ solidarity.

Among the purposes of the establishment of the International Association of Large Education and Private Education Educators are; To contribute to the development of Turkey in education, culture and social areas, to introduce innovative approaches in the field of education and to produce national and international projects, especially to work for special need educated and highly skilled individuals.

In addition, the Association is among other purposes to establish love, respect, unity and solidarity among educators and educators.

Among our study subjects; To organize training activities such as courses, seminars, conferences and panels, To provide information, documents, documents and publications necessary for realization of the purpose, to establish a documentation center and to publish its works in newspapers, magazines, To participate in national and international projects, to become a member of domestic and international associations or organizations and to cooperate with them on project basis, to participate in national and international projects, Educational activities (innovative educational philosophies, educational and teacher support, racism and xenophobia in schools, human rights principles and active citizenship, refugees, Disadvantages, problems of immigrants, European citizenship and awareness, educational programs on the basis of institutions and institutions with a focused non-formal education method); Cultural events (conferences, seminars, Cineforums, concerts, art exhibitions and various events); Cultural events (European Union programs and youth mobility, education in international conventions, promotion of Turkish culture and education abroad, tourists and foreigners, EU Youth programs), Regional promotion (culture, tourism, artists, tourism, sports Activities), promoting foreigners and tourists. and to assist or to support such activities, like those titles are available.




What are the activities and experience of the organisation in the areas relevant for this application?

State any relevant activities in the youth digital field

Since its founding, our Association has organized various domestic and international professional and cultural visits and has held support and solidarity meetings with many non-governmental organizations / public institutions and organizations both in Turkey and abroad.

İt has supported many local activities, aid campaigns and project activities for the development and development of the community as an educational community, youth and disadvantaged support. As a non-governmental organization, this field provides coordination in education and training and plays a leading role in the formation of a cooperative network.

To education administrators, teachers and education faculty students; Panels and conferences have been organized on issues such as (what the future education system should be like), (wrong and correct in our education and training system), (problems of youth graduated from education faculty and solution proposal), (problems of education administrators and solution proposal).

He has shown many activities and activities in the fields of promotion, communication, dissemination, dissemination, evaluation, sending and formation of youth initiatives; project management; education and training activities; rights and responsibilities in the fields of curriculum and practice. So it has had high experience and experience.Our Association:To follow the national and international innovations and changes in the field of education and training; To ensure professional and cultural development, social solidarity among its members;Managing, managing and executing regional, national and / or international projects;Providing training, counseling and guidance to relevant institutions and individuals; To provide both domestic and overseas developments;To organize educational, cultural, social, artistic project work, sightseeing, observation, transportation, travel and accommodation activities of institutions or individuals; To provide the knowledge, skills and attitudes that can be adapted to the needs of the society, the expectations of the society, the technological developments and the conditions of the age in the vocational and technical education, all the individuals, teachers, students and youth. It has been established with the aim of carrying out projects and projects that will harmonize between “Sector” and “Individual”.


What are the skills and expertise of key staff/persons involved in this application?

The members of our association are mainly composed of specialist education administrators working in education and training fields, who are experts in their fields and academicians who work in education fields, academicians Who are the teacher’s candidates. Our association’s board consists of 2 academicians, 2 school administrators, 2 national education branch managers and a teacher. Our members voluntarily took part in local scale activities that contribute to the social field. All of our members have carried out activities in social responsibility, consciousness and non-governmental organizations and have been involved in projects in different areas. Our members who are affiliated to the living, community and society they are so much benefit to their society.

Mr. Necmettin Avcı ‘who is a person very skilled, equipped and with high academic career, youth worker, trainer and expert in European programs and management of youth projects. Graduated in English Teacher at University of SDÜ, Master in European Project Management at University AKÜ. He is teacher and administrator. He participated in the Training of Trainer funded by Erasmus+ and organized by National Youth Council of Turkey and he is a recognized social educator at English level. He took part in several events and training organized by Turkish National Agency, focusing on the increase of quality in youth projects. He has been working as freelance for different NGOs based in several EU countries for organization development and management of youth projects, also contributing as trainer or facilitator. Lately he is following “No Hate Speech Movement” with a support group. His topics are related to European citizenship, NGO and project management.

Mr. Muharrem EYMEZ is an English Teacher who is graduated from Çanakkale 19 Mart University, he has very good English writing and speaking skills. Also, he has many Erasmus+ projects background, and he has management skills about Erasmus+ projects. He is experienced in sustainable energy; he is a young associated person of the organization. In addition, he is the contact and second important person of the organization.


Legal representative
Title Mr
Gender Male
First name Necmettin
Family name AVCI
Department Management
Position Chairman
Telephone 1 +905055476066


Contact person
Title Mr
Gender Male
First name Muharrem
Family name EYMEZ
Department Secretary
Position Secretary
Telephone 1 +905057727355


Project Background:


Call: EACEA/21/2018 2020 KA347: Social inclusion and common values: the contribution in the

field of education and training



Erasmus + 2016 2016-1-TR01-KA204-


Erasmus+ ka1 Adult Education


2018 2018-1-TR01-KA104-033009




Erasmus + KA2 Adult Education


2018 2018-1-TR01-KA204-045326